Liebe Teilnehmer*innen an den IDO Showdance Weltmeisterschaften in Riesa 2023!

Damit wir im kommenden September nicht noch einmal die IDO-Showdance-Weltmeisterschaften 2023 in Riesa wegen unüberwindlichen Gas- und Heizproblemen absagen müssen, haben wir uns entschlossen, (nach 23 Jahren IDO Tanz-WMs im November jeden Jahres) diese in 2023 in die wärmere Jahreszeit zu verlegen.

Hier sind die offiziellen Daten:
IDO Showdance-Weltmeistershaften 2023
in der SACHSENarena in Riesa
Montag, 12. bis Sonnabend 17. Juni 2023

Der voraussichtliche Zeitplan wird hier im Oktober 2022 veröffentlicht.

Die Stadt Riesa und besonders ich freuen uns nun auf Euch und die IDO Stepptanz-WM 2023 („See you in Riesa!“) und hoffen, dass alle Nationen - aufgrund dieser frühzeitigen Information - ihre nationale Vorbereitungs-Zeitplanung darauf einstellen können.

Michael Wendt
Sport Organizer in Riesa

Dear participants of the IDO World Showdance Championships in Riesa, Germany 2023!

To avoid cancelling the IDO World Showdance Championships 2023 in September next year again due to expected huge gas- and heating problems we have decided to shift this prestigious event to the warmer time of the year - not to run into any heating problems again.

Here are the official dates:
IDO World Showdance Championships
in Riesa, Germany 2023
Monday, June 12 to Saturday, June 17, 2023

The Tentative Schedule will be published in October 2022

The City of Riesa and I are looking forward to welcome you in Riesa again (“See you in Riesa!”) and we hope all IDO members can adjust their national schedules as well due to this early information.

Michael Wendt
Sport Organizer in Riesa

Dear friends of the IDO World Show- and
Tap dance Championships in Riesa!

The outcome of the meeting between the Mayor of Riesa, the FVG Riesa, TAF-Germany and Michael Wendt was a common decision:
Unfortunately and to our deepest regret we will not be able again to run these wonderful events in November this year.

Although it looked more promising during the past weeks there are now two basic “killers” - and one of them alone would have prevent running the event.

The events are now approximately 9/10 weeks ahead. We have to make a decision this week because people must have a chance to organize, buy flight tickets, book accommodation, book the busses, get free time from school, university or their jobs.

And here are the “killing arguments”:

1. Natural Gas Supply to heat

  • Due to Russia’s war against the Ukraine there is a severe shortage created by the Russian side to supply natural gas to Germany. Since years Germany was depending on Russia’s delivery of natural gas. This is rapidly changed now and Germany buys gas in many other countries.
  • BUT this has affected the cost of gas. A ton of gas was about 20 - 30 € before - now it is 200 - 300 €. The international market is like a roller coaster these days.
  • Although everybody in Germany helps to save gas in the houses, public buildings and business companies the German government expects a shortage of gas in winter and the possibility may arise that the German National Net-agency has to decide who will get gas - like private houses and system relevant entities, like hospitals and important companies. We all doubt that the Net agency will take sport or concert halls as “system relevant”. In other words “no gas no warm SACHSENarena at the end of November”.

2. COVID19 - Corona and the expected rules to prevent the further outspread by people at indoor sport and other events in Germany

  • The new law says everybody who enters the venue must have a valid negative RAT (time frame within 24 hrs) or a valid vaccination proof or being cured (time frame 3 months) - for every day.

We see it as our responsibility towards our dancers, officials, judges, supporters, our dear guests, not to bring them into a situation when they have planned to come to Riesa, having bought tickets, accommodation etc. and then the event has to be cancelled without prior notice. This may happen even during the event. We see it as our duty to care for you and to avoid losses of money and big frustration on losing much money.

The IDO has thankfully found an organizer in Poland that can run the IDO-World Show dance Championships 2022 preferably in the same dates of “Riesa 2022”. From the bottom of our heart we do wish the colleagues and the competitors, judges and officials as well as chaperones the best of success and fun!

We are personally terribly sorry about this decision (and could cry tears). Now we all know that the times of the past IDO World Show- and Tap dance Championships in Riesa Germany from 1997 to 2019 have been like “paradise” with long time planning and organisation. Now the word is “flexibility” on all sides.

On behalf of the Mayor of Riesa, the FVG Riesa and TAF-Germany

Michael Wendt
IDO Lifetime Honorary President and
IDO Ambassador for Asia & Asia - Pacific


IDO-World Show dance Championships 2022 - Poland

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